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The Fall 2010 Issue was the last printed newsletter the GBWC mailed out to those in the Greater Boston area. Limited fiscal and personnel resources, as well as concerns about the environmental impact of sending 4,500+ printed newsletters three times a year, persuaded us to go digital. Since 2011, all GBWC newsletters and many notices of Club events are sent via email and the Greater Boston Wheaton Club Facebook page. A copy of each newsletter is listed below.

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Fall 2018—Current Hub Club News


Previous newsletters are listed below with a highlight from each issue.

Fall 2017

Experiential Learning Funding, Wheaton's Observatory, Cynthia Rodday profile

Spring 2017

Recap of Fermentation Magic and Walking Tour event

Spring 2016

Newsletter listed events coming up for 2016

Fall 2015

Zoe Keller profile '05

Spring 2015

Art in Bloom event

Fall 2014

Successful walking tour of Boston

Spring 2014

Christine Koh '95 profile

Spring 2013

Sandra Sable Gilpatrick '95 profile

Fall 2012

Guastavino Exhibit at the Boston Public Library

Fall 2011

Kristin Fowler ’95 profile

Spring 2011

Wheaton Volunteers in the Hub; the GBWC's first digital newsletter sent to our alumni

August 2010

The last printed newsletter

Winter 2010

Jill Hunting '72 read excerpts from her book Finding Pete

August 2009

Josh Huggard '99 profile

Spring 2009

A talk on Beyond Wide-Eyed Angels: Contemporary Expressive Culture in Ethiopia

Autumn 2008

Flat on Beacon Hill Walking Tour

Sumer 2008

El Greco to Velázquez: Art during the Reign of Philip III—MFA event and Margi Bratschi '78 profile

Winter 2008

Networking events

Autumn 2007

Networking events

Spring/Summer 2007

Wheaton Arts in Ireland exhibit and Between Land and Sea alumnae exhibit

Winter 2007

Recaps on Prof. Goodman discussing politicians and an MFA event —Americans in Paris

Summer 2006

Carol Dine '65 profile

Winter 2006

Paul Holian '93 profile









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