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About the Alumni Association

The Wheaton College Alumni Association is one of the oldest of such organizations in the country. Organized in 1870 by Caroline C. Metcalf, Principal of Wheaton Seminary from 1850 to 1876, the purpose of the Association was "to promote mutual acquaintance and interest among graduates of the institution as well as an interest in the Seminary."

In 1886, the first regional Wheaton Club was organized in New York City, followed two years by the formation of the New England Seminary Club. In the beginning, the regional clubs organized events that were social in nature, bridge clubs, afternoon teas, formal dinners, etc. Later, the Clubs' role expanded to project the name of Wheaton College into the community, and to raise scholarship funds.

Today the Alumni Association represents over 17,000 alumnae/i in every state and in nearly 60 countries around the world. The regional clubs are key in maintaining many of theses relationships.

The GBWC Today!

With close to 4,000 members, the Greater Boston Wheaton Club is the largest of the regional alumnae/i clubs, and is open to all alumnae/i and friends of Wheaton College. Geographically, the club is loosely defined as the area of Massachusetts to the east of Route 495 and immediately surrounding the Wheaton campus. Within that area exists some smaller clubs, including the Lexington/Winchester Club.

As outlined in our regional handbook, the Greater Boston Wheaton Club exists for several reasons:

  • to foster a sense of association between alumnae/i and the College.
  • to provide opportunities within geographic regions for fellowship among alumnae/i, current students, parents and friends of the College.
  • to create an Wheaton presence within a community.
  • to encourage alumnae/i of all generations to maintain contact with Wheaton and to build a sense of pride and understanding for what Wheaton is today.
  • to create future opportunities to develop positive relationships between alumnae/i and current students.
  • to, ultimately, promote alumnae/i commitment to Wheaton's educational mission by encouraging volunteer assistance for its admission (APAC), career services (Filene Center), public relations and fund raising efforts (Annual Fund).

Events planned for each year include networking opportunities, community service, fund raising activities, AND social events. A steering committee made up of area Wheaton alumnae/i volunteers their time to organize these events.

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Membership—Annual Dues

Being a Wheaton alum with a current address and e-address on file at Wheaton is all that is needed to receive news of GBWC events and activities. However, we do collect annual dues of $10 so that we are able to buy a block of tickets for an event, reserve rooms, and/or send out additional mailings to our membership. Please consider helping out your club.

Checks made out to the Greater Boston Wheaton Club can be sent to:

Melissa Namiot '88
43 Carpenter Street
Rehoboth, MA 02769

Subscribing to the E-blast Newsletter

The Greater Boston Wheaton Club has a listserv enabling us to share updates with our alum directly. Click here to learn how to subscribe.

GBWC Committee Members

The organization of GBWC events is the responsibility of a group of dedicated Wheaton alumni volunteers. If you would like to learn more about the GBWC, have an idea for an event, or are interested in joining our steering committee, we would love to hear from you!

Please contact Margy Bratschi '78, the GBWC coordinator, at


Steering Committee Members and Email Addresses

Please notice email addresses are current as of September 2014.

Club Coordinator

Margy Bratschi '78

Newsletter Editor

Noelle Humphries '99



Melissa Namiot '88


Cynthia Rodday '92


Sandra Sable Gilpatrick '95


Renee Poutre '88